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Get a head start on your dream Creative Arts Career @ Sisler High School

Hope you enjoy our 100% student made (4 days to make) Sisler IDM 2016 promotional video!

This is Winnipeg. A lot of cool stuff happens here. What we do in our school is one of them. We don’t just learn, we create.

About Sisler IDM 2016 from Digital Voices on Vimeo.

This guy just made a video game. Did you code all that?! These guys just made a movie. And since we like to do everything professionally, it means they did the storyboard, script, filming, foley, ADR, editing and producing. Did I mention they were in high school? She’s got superpowers. She can bring anything to life…through animation. This guy can fly! In front of a green screen. Pssh. Advance movie making stuff. This guys the next best graphic designer, and spoiler alert, his work is awesome. Hey there! And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Each year, students create innovative projects that blow away the competition. And what makes all of this possible is our unique IDM courses.

We have game design, app development, coding, classical and 3D animation, film production, visual effects, asset development, graphic design and the list goes on and on. And our courses don’t just apply to highschool students but to elementary and middle school as well. Just ask this guy (Shaugnessy Park Intervew). Our program is designed to get students way ahead of the game, so they don’t have to worry about catching up. Sweet stuff right? We also provide an environment similar to the industries, where we don’t just teach the software, we teach the skill set.

And these aren’t the only things that put us on top of the food chain. We’ve also got amazing teachers to back it up (Teacher’s interviews). Oh, and this guy MADE the IDM courses. Thank you! (Leduc: You’re welcome) So yeah, we’re pretty awesome, and the numbers speak for themselves. In 2010-11, we had 318 students in IDM and Graphic courses. In 2012-13, 421. In 2013-14, 433. Right now (2015-16), it’s at 680 and next year (2016-17), it’ll be 796! Pretty impressive right?
Oh by the way, we’ve also formed partnerships with multiple post-secondary institutions that provide our students with privileges like no other. Here are just a few: (Shows title graphics. Our partners include Red River College, the University of Winnipeg, Unversité de Saint-Boniface, Frontier Schools, New Media Manitoba, Media Smarts, Girls in Gaming, MOSMA, an audio production school). For our partnership with MOSMA, it means having the privilege to use their recording studio at any time! Just ask the head himself! (Show’s MOSMA interview)) These partnerships make sure our students get the best of the best, even after high school! Oh and I forgot to mention, we’re the only high school in the world that has a partnership with VFS. We’re basically best buds. Through VFS and Soapbox.ed, we’ve been able to introduce students to professionals from all around the world. And the coolest part is we’ve formed multiple scholarships with VFS that have reserved our students over $52 000 in scholarship funds. And there’s a lot more where that came from.
In Winnipeg, we make sure our students get educated by the best so that they can work for the best.
And the icing on the cake, students get (a chance) to live their dreams. Pretty cool eh?
Or so yeah, that’s us. Pretty cool eh?

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