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On the first day of Star Wars

On the first day till Star Wars

On the first day till Star Wars
Mr. Leduc showed to the class & me:
A cartoon from the 70s


George Lucas is commonly quoted as saying that if he had the time and a hammer, he would personally “smash” every bootlegged copy of the disastrous “Star Wars Holiday Special.” However, fans almost universally agree that the best part of the much-maligned Wookie-centric variety show is the Nelvana-produced cartoon segment, directed by Clive Smith. The cartoon features the voices of the original cast, and famously introduces a new character: Boba Fett. Nelvana and Smith’s collaboration with Lucas on the project would lead to 1980s cartoon series “Ewoks” and “Droids.” Here is the cartoon segment in great quality. Happy Life Day!