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The Boy Who Cried Red – Unit 2 Student Media Mash-Up Project

Project Expectations:

For this project students will:
– learn how to create and manage a small scale Multi-Media project while working in a much larger production company,
– share ideas, brainstorm, research, collect reference, develop concepts, produce a project & present to an audience,
– develop project-management skills to complete a Multi-Media project.
– site all sources

Media Project Theme:
A Mash-up & Modernization of 3 completely different stories. The media project must be mashed-up by combining:

– A Folk Tale, Urban Legend & or Fairy Tale
– A Popular Culture TV show/Movie (does not need to be actual scenes, could be student generated)
– A Popular Song (or Two)

One of these stories must be from Canadian culture.
This three mash-up must be created into a playable 30-45 second digital media project. The project must also be created using at least any 6 of the following approaches:

– photography,
– pre-existing video footage
– drawing,
– animation,
– live action,
– motion graphics,
– sound,
– coding,
– special effects
– practical effects

Student Project in Process