#GameOn 2018 – 2 days of #Unity #GameDev

Get in the Game! This year’s game on game conference will feature a two day workshop using the Unity game engine.  The topics will include particles, coding, and game animation.  2 industry coders will be here to lead the students in the coding workshops and will be here to assist as they participants create their game. […]

The Big Picture

4 Sisler IDM students registered their own company (Digital Dropkick Media), opened a bank account, got insurance, travelled Canada and received $20,000 in funding…and best of all, they told their story about trying to crack the creative industry. We hope you enjoy Ritvick, Kevin, Kara and Janelle’s story on Shaw […]

Lunch and Learn: Using Personal Branding to Land Your Dream Job

Looking for work can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start. Most companies expect a robust work history and a high degree of professionalism from any candidate, and it can be hard to wow a potential boss or client unless you have a solid online reputation to […]