Are you taking a Sisler Media Art class this Fall?

Here are the courses running in September of 2017 Includes period, teacher and room numbers We hope this helps you plan your daily school routine.   Mr. Galvao Mr.Haussler Mr. Leduc Mr. Dyck-Lyons Mr.Alibudbud Mr.Erickson Mr.  Slavicek Slot_A Graphics Grade 12 GRAR4S.01 Room 17 Graphics Grade 12 GRAR4S.02 Room 17 Concept Art Grade 11 PCHR2S/DPHR3S.01 […]

Recommended School Supplies for Technology/Media Classes 2017-18

Are you taking any of the following courses? Here is your recommended school supply list Please take into consideration that it is recommended to purchase larger GB USBs/SD Cards if you are registered for multiple media classes.  Students may also bring their own device, but it is not needed.  Sisler HS is not responsible for the loss of […]

Graduation is not good-bye, it is one step closer to your dream!

Congratulations to our Vancouver Film School bound grads. Our magnificent seven received $70,000 in scholarships yesterday to study programming, classical animation, film, 3D animation, VFX, and concept art.

The Big Picture

4 Sisler IDM students registered their own company (Digital Dropkick Media), opened a bank account, got insurance, travelled Canada and received $20,000 in funding…and best of all, they told their story about trying to crack the creative industry. We hope you enjoy Ritvick, Kevin, Kara and Janelle’s story on Shaw TV, Shaw Direct and Shaw […]

Dreams take flight on Shaw TV in June 2017

Watch Shaw TV in late June to see how four Winnipeg students face unique obstacles as they aspire to crack into the creative industry!   We are so excited to announce that the first ever pilot TV show will be broadcasted in late June on Shaw TV.  The Big Picture, the series, has has been […]

Congrats to our next generation of @VFS students on receiving over $53K in scholarships

Meet the next generation of @VFS scholarship winning students from our @SislerIDM program. This year these five Sisler students will be receiving $53,800.00 in VFS scholarships Scholarship Information: Kara Vallaga will be receiving over $17,650 to study VFX & 3D Animation, Czarina Ramos will be receiving $13,100 to study Programming for App, Game & Web, […]

Luminance is Looking for Filmmakers

Are you a filmmaker who wants to change the world? Are you as comfortable in front of the camera as you are behind it? Do you dream of adventure? We’re looking for you. WHAT IS LUMINANCE? Luminance is a social engagement platform that uses the mobilizing power of video storytelling to bring together citizens who […]