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Designing & Pitching Stories. A 3 Day workshop with @JamFilledStudio Tom Pajdlhauser Nov 13-15

The 3 day workshop will focus on creating appealing and effective storytelling pitches.  The focus will be on:

  • how to visually plan a story
  • what to highlight and feature when preparing a pitch
  • understanding your market / demographic
  • understanding your story and how to make others understand it with as few words as possible.

When: November 13-15
Where: Sisler Animation Studio 57
Who:  Tomas Pajdlhauser, Creative Head of JamFilled Studios


All classes:

Workshop will focus on…

  • how Tom started a career in the Animation industry
  • the importance of drawing from life
  • the importance of sketchbooks (and a sketchbook showcase)
  • developing stories and projects
  • pitching stories to industry


Concept Art Class Workshop:

    • sketching & designing from reference to cinematic design
    • Show the sketching process on paper
    • how to adapt those sketches into designs (the Maurice Noble approach) digital (need cintiq and photoshop)
    • Staging for cinematic story telling. A simplified way of looking at it in order to build on fundamental skills. (digital)

Classical Animation Class Workshop:

    • sketching background & environments from reference for animation
    • Show the sketching process on paper
    • how to adapt those sketches into designs (the Maurice Noble approach) digital (need cintiq and photoshop)
    • Staging for cinematic story telling. A simplified way of looking at it in order to build on fundamental skills. (digital)


Concept Art Class Workshop:

Student groups will pitch their StoryTelling unit Beatboards to Tomas.  The goal is to get industry feedback on how to improve their work.

Animation Class Workshop:

Career and education information Workshop:

  • How to prepare a portfolio
  • What to focus on in school and why
  • What happens in the industry after school
  • How to apply for a job
  • Some tips and tricks in staying ahead of others in a competitive industry


About Tomas:

Mr. Leduc first met Tomas in his grade 11 Communication Technology course at Hillcrest High School in Ottawa, Ontario.

Tom Pajdlhauser’s love of travel sketching began in Vietnam in 2012. As a production designer and art director for animated television shows produced by Disney, Warner Brothers, and Nickelodeon, a big part of his job is honing his drawing skills – capturing moments and stories from his life and, for Tom in particular, drawing the places and spaces which he discovers throughout his travels. What began as a means of practicing his drawing skills quickly evolved into his passion, the development of a personal style, and a way of capturing his life experiences in his own unique light.

Since Vietnam, Tom has travelled to over a dozen countries. He has gotten over his fear of drawing in sketchbooks and has developed a field sketching/painting kit that he can fit in his back pocket. Often adventuring by skateboard or motorcycle, having something super portable is key. Tom now travels with a Lamy Safari fountain pen, a mixed media 8×10″ sketchbook, a tiny watercolour spitbox, and a single 10mm flat brush, pausing here and there to sketch the sights that catch his eye.

Tom’s creative process is spurred by his wanderings. He spots a space that he finds interesting, then chooses the most appealing angle from which to draw it and sits down to scribble a few lines out in ink. Once the ink is dry, he lays on some watercolour. Working with a single flat brush means that detail is limited, but this is precisely why Tom loves such a tool.

Tom loves the spontaneity and honesty of ink and watercolour. His sketches can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to produce and are typically no larger than 6X6”. Oftentimes, while sketching, he will attract the attention of locals peering over his shoulder as he captures the beauty of a space that they walk by every day without so much as a glance. This is also a part of the process that Tom loves – highlighting the beauty in the places that oftentimes go overlooked and under appreciated.

Over the years, Tom has filled countless sketchbooks, capturing memories in the form of doodles and scribbles. These memories are shared with the world on his beautiful Instagram feed, which you can view @captain_tom. In the future, Tom would like to publish some of his travel sketchbooks, as well as make prints of his sketches and produce larger, more detailed pieces. With such impressive skill found on such a small scale, one can only imagine the beauty to come from Tom’s larger, more complex creations.


About Jamfilled Studios:

In 2008, three guys decided to build a company that they would want to work for. Jam Filled has since expanded out of a modest 400-square-foot attic in rural Manotick to a fully-operational, multi-production animation company with studios in Ottawa and Toronto. A dynamic workplace for like-minded creative artists, Jam Filled will remind you why you love cartooning: every project is produced with an eye for quality and an ear for fun!