Dreams take flight on Shaw TV in June 2017

Watch Shaw TV in late June to see how four Winnipeg students face unique obstacles as they aspire to crack into the creative industry!


We are so excited to announce that the first ever pilot TV show will be broadcasted in late June on Shaw TV.  The Big Picture, the series, has has been picked up will start to air in early 2018.

The Big Picture

Genre: Documentary
Tagline: Dreams take flight.
Logline:  Four Winnipeg students face unique obstacles as they aspire to crack into the creative industry.

The Big Picture, is a documentary that highlights the lives of four high school students who begin their first strides into the creative industry. Kara is an aspiring Visual Effects Artist, whose dream is to work for a big production company. As a girl, she faces the challenge of being in a male dominated industry. Ritvick is a Filmmaker, who loves to direct. He is a risk taker and is ready to see what the world has to offer. Kevin is a Filmmaker, who has a talent for music. His dream is to have a major role in films. Janelle is an Animator, with an exceptional drawing talent. She dreams of having her name at the end of movies. Kevin and Janelle are both struggling with leaving home and family for a higher education in this industry. This documentary also brings Winnipeg’s growing creative industry to light.

Kara, Ritvick, Kevin and Janelle’s stories are intertwined. They are all given the opportunity to attend Vancouver Film School. They also had the opportunity to work together and create this documentary. Their proven success is the first step and a stepping stone to their futures in the creative industry.

Trailer from Sisler IDM on Vimeo.