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Four things every high school student should know about VFS

Are you aspiring to become a movie director? A game designer? An animator?  Well here are four amazing things about VFS, please consider when choosing a media school.

1. Educational model.  VFS uses a 1 year intensive educational model in which students get almost as many course hours as they would in almost 4 years of university expect that every hour at VFS is specifically focused on what the student is going into for a career. And it’s project focused instead of academic. This is career training for the entertainment industry.

2. Results Matter. VFS is one of (if not) the only school on earth that has every department represented to create a full feature film or video game. VFS student collaborate on projects which means they’ll have a ‘real’ experience at VFS that mimics the real industry. They create amazing collaborative projects that win tons of awards. Almost 1,000 students projects are created each year at VFS. In the last 10 years these student projects have won around 5,000 awards. That means 1 out of 2 VFS student projects have won an award over the last 10 years. These projects are a graduates’ calling card to the industry. This in an industry that hires people based on a portfolio that proves that you can do the job, not on a piece of paper like a degree.

3. Alumni success. VFS alumni has so many credits on films, TV shows and video games around the world that it’s staggering. Head of Animation on Frozen and Tangled (Lino di Salvo), Supervisor of Animation on Avergers and Iron Man 3 (Aaron Gillman). Neill Blomkamp, writer and director for District 9, Elysium and Chappie. Not to mention that 45 VFS alumni worked on District 9 and 76 VFS alumni from 8 different VFS programs worked on Elysium. The network of VFS alumni in the entertainment industry is larger than that of any other school in the world. And they take care of each other. Check out and go to the Blog to see the amazing lists of VFS graduates for all the new movies, TV shows and games that come out.

4.  Sisler High School is the only High School with an articulation with VFS.  Sisler students have an opportunity to graduate with over $7000 in VFS scholarships and participate in numerous week-long VFS intensive workshops. Our instructors work closely with instructors and staff from VFS, thus our media/art programming prepares students for 8 different programs at VFS like no other.