Game On 2017 (Grades 6-12)

Game On for students in Grades 6-9 with little to no Game & App Design/Coding experience

Game On is Sisler High School’s annual game conference where students can learn from industry experts and build a game.  This year’s conference is a two-day event.  The first day will consist of student workshop led by industry experts where students will learn different skills to create a game.  On the second day students (grade 6-9) will create their own game and learn 21st century skills such as collaborating, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.  These skills have always been important for students, and now in the 21st century these skills are now more essential than ever. Students need to think deeply, solve problems creatively, work in teams, communicate clearly, and learn new technologies as they create their game.

  • When:  Thursday, February 2 and Friday, February 3 of Exam week @ end of Semester 1
  • Who can participate: Students in grades 6-12 from any Winnipeg School Division school
  • Team size:  3 students per team (maximum of 3 teams per school … excluding Sisler).
  • Where:  Sisler IDM
  • Fee:  No Fee (thanks to partners)
  • Lunch & Snacks:  Provided (thanks to partners)
  • What about the Teachers?  Well they can participate as well

Top Grade 6-8 Group Awards:

  • Best Group Game (Best Overall aesthetics, theme, assets, sound, code & challenge)
  • Fan Favourite (popular choice, selected by students)
  • Most Spectacular Crash (Epic disastrous fate of the main sprite)
  • Overcoming the Most Epic Fail “Group shoots for the Stars, but lands on the Moon”  (The best “Trial and Error Group!”  Group overcomes obstacles and creates something awesome, although completely different then wanted)

What to expect!

Grade 6-9:

2 days of Workshops and “Game On” Jam Competition.

If your team is in grade 9, with limited exposure to game design, than this category is for you.

Rubric to be posted on a later date




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