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Get your game design career started @VFS (Information Session) – Thursday, November 17, 11:45 am

Connect to your future @VFS  Game Design & Programming

On Thursday, November 17, VFS Department Head & Lead Staff will be providing program presentations to Sisler IDM students interested in specific VFS programs.

VFS Panel will also have representation from Ed-Admin, Admissions, and the housing placement service offered by VFS.

Learn more about the VFS Game Design & Programming Department:  Panel Discussion with VFS Game Design and Programming @ 11:45am Manitoba time (9:45am Vancouver time).  Peter Walsh, our Head of Game Design and Programming is confirmed.

To register:  Please see Mr. Leduc by November 16th, 2016 in room 57 

About Peter Walsh:staffphotos_gdpg_peterwalsh_0004_f

Peter is the Head of VFS’s award winning Game Design program, and the Head/Creator of the Programming for Games, Web, and Mobile Program. Also:

  • Senior software engineer and technical director on numerous triple AAA titles from Microsoft, EA, Sony, Activision, and others.
  • Experienced working with in-development hardware including products for Xbox 360, Sony Move controller, and VR devices while hardware still in pre-production.
  • Created Canada’s first industry sponsored VR Lab with Crytek and VRFirst. Speaker on VR at numerous events including SIGGRAPH.
  • Extensive international experience – lived in Canada (citizen/passport holder), UK (citizen/passport holder), Ireland (citizen/passport holder), USA (Nexus global entry holder), Portugal, and Saudi Arabia
  • Editorial board member for the Computer Games Journal
  • Board of Directors member for Whitebox Interactive
  • Author of several books on game engine development
  • On the board of British Columbia’s K12 Coding Education Advisory committee, helping to develop coding curriculum in all of the provinces K12 schools.

Peter has extensive management and technical knowledge across the technical, creative, entertainment industries and education. My large network spans games, film, 3D, visual effects, animation, education, and publishing industries.

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