Graphics Framework

sisler graphics



In this course, you will explore the endless possibilities of media design and its applications to marketing and advertising. Basic principles of design along with colour theory structure our imagination to represent our intent and purpose for design. Branding through logo design, creating vector graphics and typography are some of the skills learned in this course. These skills are used to produce promotional items for the school, such as the design and production of t-shirts and vinyl decals. Students further their development in digital imaging by producing school photos. All student work is documented and displayed in a portfolio that can be added to at the 30G level.




This introductory course is designed to teach the skills necessary to produce Sisler’s yearbook, which offers a complete record of an entire school year for all grades.  Students will learn the secret of taking the perfect photo! Students will be given the opportunity to explore the creative process of studio photography and lighting techniques, creative camera control, and photography workflow. In addition to the photographic component of the course, students will analyze, reproduce and create a variety of different layout techniques used in creating. The content created through hands-on activities and the skills acquired will be showcased in the yearbook. The Basic principles of Photography will be an important focus of the coursework to ensure proper composition and lighting. Students extend and apply their knowledge of digital manipulation by completing post-production on student portraits. These skills include skin softening, teeth whitening and colour correction. All of the skills learned in the course are used to promote the school by designing promotional items both through print media as well as digital media. All student work will be collected and displayed in a portfolio to best represent the skills acquired in digital image manipulation.




Take your skill set to the next level. This course is designed to further develop the skills necessary to produce the school yearbook, which offers a complete record of an entire school year for all grades.  The GRAR4S begins by planning the coverage for the school year and designing a unifying theme for the book. Digital image manipulation, vector graphic creation and page layout are all utilized to produce professional print and digital media. Understanding the importance of sketching to conceptualize an end product of any project is key. Promoting the school through various digital media is the main focus of project work in this course. Brand messaging and marketing strategies are used to design and produce packaging (press kits such as flyers, brochures, posters, post cards, brand identity for a company, event…?) for products. Various forms of multimedia are also explored with emphasis on special effects. Post-production of student portraits and grad photos are also completed to industry standard. A portfolio of your work will be compiled throughout the course to represent the various forms of media design that you have completed.