Hey #SislerAlumni! Is your New Year’s resolution to start a career in #3DAnimation & #VFX?

Hey #sisleralumni #sislergrads kickstart your 2018 with an amazing New Years resolution

Get #creativeindustry ready. We have 1 60% tuition reduction scholarship available to study #3DAnimation & #vfx @vancouverfilmschool. that is a $21,150 scholarship for 1 former student.

Interested? Contact SislerIDM staff ASAP! Cut off is Janary 14.

About the VFS 3D Animation & VFX program:

You are creative and passionate about animation, and enjoy creating stories that are inspired by your life experiences. You see computer animation as an instrument for telling your stories. You have the ability to evolve high-level concepts and still dive into the granular aspects of 3D design. You’re working to build a rock-solid art foundation that includes cinematic and technological training. You are a production artist.

Learn more: https://vfs.edu/programs/3D-animation-vfx



As an Animation + Visual Effects graduate, you’ll leave VFS as a well-rounded artist with specific skillsets. Depending on the size and style of the animation studio you work in, you may specialize in one field or work in many.

Visual Effects Artist

As an Effects Artist, you’ll be responsible for the creation of natural and supernatural phenomena and compositing them into a finished image. Effects range from the subtleties, like the removal of wires, to extremely complex effects, like water or explosions.

Character Animator

You’ll create animatics and reference, and use that material to create an authentic character performance. Animators are “actors” and you’ll need to have an intuitive understanding of physical and emotional performance. Whether for film, television, or games, animators breathe life into a wide range of characters.


Using a Designer’s conceptual drawings, you’ll create the 3D geometry that Animators later use to create motion. A team of multiple Modellers may be broken up into different positions, including Character Modeller, Prop Modeller, and environment Modeller.