Grade 11 Courses

grade 11 idm



Make your own 2D game or app! This course covers skills needed to produce quality 2D content for games and apps. Current developments in the game and app industries will guide students as they learn to plan, design and develop compelling and marketable 2D content. Students will gain proficiency in a variety of programs and acquire highly portable skills in Animation, Coding and Design.



Bits, bytes, and Sprites! Do you have a great digital project idea and now need characters, levels, enemies, and audio. Using a variety of software this course covers everything you need to create your own media for your project including vector images, animated 2D and 3D assets, animated characters, sound effects, score compositions, and asset rigging.



Develop an interactive online portfolio. DM097V3S covers the elements of interactive media design, including selection of materials for web sites, apps, games and assets. Learn how to design interactive projects with the basics of coding and graphic design. Students will explore content management systems such as WordPress.

Course Outline: Coding for IDM 30S


Recommended supporting courses


BMHR35S/IMHR35S (ICT Framework)

Quiet on the set….Action! Do you want to become the next big movie director? In AdvancedMovie-Making students will be given the opportunity to explore the world of movie-making by creating movie projects that combine cinematography, video-editing, animation, live audio, recorded audio, motion graphics, special effects, chroma-keying, time-lapse video, and portfolio development. This stand-alone ICT course is made up of the following 2 half creditICT framework courses: Broadcast Media (BMHR35S) and Interactive Media (IMHR35S).

Check out our online course:  Advanced Movie-Making Behance Portfolio

Course Outline: Adv Movie Making Course Outline


ANHR35S/MOHR35S (ICT Framework)

“Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” – Walt Disney. This course will allow students to enter the creative world of animation. The main goal of the course is to develop the student’s creative skills while exploring the principles of animation, stop-motion, character design, vector design, motion graphics, cell animation, lip syncing, compositing and video-rendering.   Former students of this course have landed jobs working for Sony Animation, DreamWorks, Complex Games, and Disney Animation Studios.  This stand-alone ICT course is made up of the following 2 half credit ICT framework courses: 2D Animation (ANHR35S) and 3D Modelling (MOHR35S).

Check out our online course: Animation BeHance Portfolio

Course Outline: Animation Course Outline 2015


GRAR3G (Industrial Arts Framework)

This introductory course is designed to teach the skills necessary to produce Sisler’s yearbook, which offers a complete record of an entire school year for all grades.  Students will learn the secret of taking the perfect photo! Students will be given the opportunity to explore the creative process of studio photography and lighting techniques, creative camera control, and photography workflow. In addition to the photographic component of the course, students will analyze, reproduce and create a variety of different layout techniques used in creating. The content created through hands-on activities and the skills acquired will be showcased in the yearbook. The Basic principles of Photography will be an important focus of the coursework to ensure proper composition and lighting. Students extend and apply their knowledge of digital manipulation by completing post-production on student portraits. These skills include skin softening, teeth whitening and colour correction. All of the skills learned in the course are used to promote the school by designing promotional items both through print media as well as digital media. All student work will be collected and displayed in a portfolio to best represent the skills acquired in digital image manipulation.