Grade 9 Course

Exploration to Interactive Digital Media


Get Interactive! This course will introduce you to the concepts and skills needed for animation, app development, game design and video-editing. You will learn how to brainstorm, plan, create, develop, and deliver digital media projects. Students in this course will also learn the theories behind making a successful project.

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Recommended supporting courses

Exploration of Graphic Design (Industrial Arts Framework)


In this course, you will explore the endless possibilities of media design and its applications to marketing and advertising. Basic principles of design along with colour theory structure our imagination to represent our intent and purpose for design. Branding through logo design, creating vector graphics and typography are some of the skills learned in this course. These skills are used to produce promotional items for the school, such as the design and production of t-shirts and vinyl decals. Students further their development in digital imaging by producing school photos. All student work is documented and displayed in a portfolio that can be added to at the 20G level.