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LiveStream of VFS Results in 30 “Animation with Jennifer Mackie”

Jennifer Mackie has worked for many years in animation cinematography, most notably as Camera and Staging Lead at Pixar Canada. With a passion for cinematography, editing, and storytelling, Jen has been transferrign her experience into live action editing, including music videos, trailers, and narrative short films – and Jen won a Leo Award for her work on the short film Roar.

During this half-hour presentation, plus Q & A session, you’ll get to look at Jen’s pro work and learn about her impressive career path. By the end of the presentation you will:

* Gain insight into feature animation techniques and practices
* Dissect the decision-making process in creating a visually engaging animated story
* Understand how camera evokes emotional responses from audiences.
* Learn how animation cinematography has evolved

Key Partners:

Sisler High School (Manitoba), Winnipeg School Division, Frontier School Division.

Live Event can also be found here: