MOSMA Articulation

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The Sisler IDM & MOSMA Collaborative Media Project will begin in mid-December of 2016.  Post-Secondary students from MOSMA will work with Sisler (IDM) Digital Voices students on the sound design of their final media projects.


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Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts (MOSMA) is a private vocational institution located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Established in 1994, MOSMA was founded with a specific focus in delivering education in audio production technology through theoretical study and practical study including mentorships with recording artists, audio engineers and producers. The institution offers a six month diploma programme (Audio in Media) as well as a series of self-interest part-time courses.  Check them out online!


For 20 years MOSMA is proudly Manitoba’s only Audio Production Institute.

In 1995 Doug Blakely and Carlos Vela developed a curriculum and facility focused solely on educating students with the technical skill required to begin a career in the Audio Industry.

Important to a solid curriculum and strong faculty is exposing students to industry professionals through mentorships, lectures and workshops, and providing our graduates with ample resources and opportunities; helping them transition into the industry. In tandem, MOSMA has the privilege to build strong relationships with our local arts community and maintain involvement with many outreach programs. These are all elements of our continued success.

MOSMA Programmes

  • Music with Reason
    • Part Time Evening Course
    • 10 classes of 3 hours each
    • Limited class size of 5 students
  • Audio in Media
    • Full Time Diploma Programme
    • Limited class size of 15 students