Mr. Leduc’s 2017 Grade 11 Intro to Concept Art Course Outline

Are you passionate about the look and appeal of characters, environments, creatures and animation?

Sisler IDM,s  Concept Art course provides the opportunity for students to explore a blend of digital image creation techniques and traditional theory to create original characters, scenes, settings, props, environments and concepts for animations and games. The main goal of the course is to develop the student’s creative skills while exploring the drawing, digital painting, 2D environment creation, 3D models, & Practical Effects

This stand-alone ICT course is made up of the following 2 half credit ICT framework courses: Desktop Publishing (DPHR35S) and Print Communication (PCHR25S).

Students will develop the skills, knowledge, post-secondary and industry expertise needed to create visual concepts that capture the emotional core of your story. Embrace and Imagine new worlds, full of characters, vehicles, props and environment. Dream of designing the creative blue-prints for animations, visualize stories for film, shows, apps and games.