Sisler IDM

New VFS Women in Acting Scholarship

Vancouver Film School has set up 1 Women in Acting Entrance Scholarship to a female Sisler student who meets the following criteria:

  • Student must be accepted (or has applied) to VFS Acting for Film and Televisionprogram within one calendar year of graduating from Sisler High School before receiving scholarship,
  • Student must apply for scholarship,
  • Sisler staff will consult with VFS Educational Administration and Admission in the awarding of the “VFS Women in Acting” Scholarships each year.
  • VFS reserves the right to review and approve scholarship winners based on the mutually agreed upon criteria.
  • Female Student who has the highest average grade from the courses from 9-12 in the listed course pathway from section F of the MOU, (note: and/or satisfies the criteria determined by the scholarship selection committee).

Tuition reduction can be applied directly to the total VFS tuition in an academic year for the VFS Acting for Film & Television


  • The Women in Acting Scholarship is a cumulative award – and can be combined with the Merit-based Scholarship offered at VFS.
  • The Women in Acting Scholarship cannot be combined with an Excellence in Media or Horizon scholarship
  • The program start date for Scholarship recipients is subject to seat availability.

Sisler ACTING PATHWAY to the following VFS program:



Grade 9 80% -89% 90% – 95% 96% -100%
Exploration of IDM $100 $150 $200
Drama $100 $150 $200
Choral $100 $150 $200
Dance $100 $150 $200
Grade 10      
Intro to Digital Film $100 $150 $200
Drama $100 $150 $200
Grade 11      
2D Animation $200 $250 $300
Advanced Movie Making $200 $250 $300
Drama $200 $250 $300
Grade 12      
IDM Project Management $250 $300 $350
Futures in IDM $250 $300 $350
Drama $250 $300 $350