Film Training Manitoba workshop signup

Do you love movies? Have you ever wanted to take part in making one? Are you interested in working in: Camera operation Production Assistance Rigging Lighting Set dressing Cable pulling Dolly gripping Sound production Transportation and setup Film Training Manitoba’s Set Orientation workshop is happening on May 24th & 25th […]

What an Amazing Evening at #MovieNightsCA #Winnipeg

Thanks Manitoba Film & Music for an amazing opportunity to celebrate Canadian Film The Manitoba film industry is busy, going by the $120 million dollars worth of production the province has hosted in the past year. But Manitoba film isn’t necessarily glamorous. Films get made. They often play festivals. Occasionally, […]

Red Carpet info for SislerIDM students

Attention @SislerIDM students representatives! I have forwarded you links that the students can read to gather information about the event. They will be wearing Movie Nights Across Canada t-shirts and greeting the guests attending the screening. They will be guiding the general public guests thru the right doors all the […]

Awesome Sound Design Lecture by @VFS Shane Rees

This morning SislerIDM students explored the dynamic world of Sound Design with VFS Department Head of Sound Design Shane Rees April 5, 2017 —————————– About Shane Rees: Head of Sound Design Department Prior to VFS, Shane served as Head Engineer at Western Post Production. Shane has been recognized with a […]

@VFS VFX Presentation w/ Melissa Best – April 5

What an amazing tour of the VFX industry in Vancouver! SislerIDM students learned about the VFX Industry from industry guru and VFS instructor Melissa Best About Melissa: Mel became involved in the entertainment business early. She was in numerous plays, took acting classes for fun, modeled, danced and spent time […]

Manitoba film industry posts best-in-a-decade $127M year amid influx of big stars – Manitoba – CBC News

Manitoba film industry posts best-in-a-decade $127M year amid influx of big stars Production volume at about $127M year ending in March, with significant growth in animation Teghan Beaudette · CBC News4 Hours Ago About 100 people were on set for the final day of filming Mr. Snowman in the Exchange District […]

@VFS Sound Artist Shane Rees will be @SislerIDM on April 5

Learn about the world of Sound Design on April 5 VFS Talk on “Careers in the Sound Design Industry” & “Everything Sound Design” Date & Time:  April 5, 9:00 – 11:45 Talk Theme: Exploration of careers in the Sound Design industry & Everything Sound Design Location:  Live @ Sisler High School  VFS – […]

Overcoming obstacles to become an Actor with Hannah Anderson on Monday, April 3

Overcoming obstacles to become an Actor with Hannah Anderson Live in Sisler Studio 57 on April 3 Learn about the intense joy and struggle of being a female actor in one of the most competitive industries in the world, how to push through rejection, fear, and self doubt, how to […]

Google Logo Animation Activity for Tuesday, March 21

Sorry folks, Mr. Leduc is sick.  Here is your activity for this week.  The winning doodle will be featured on the Google Canada homepage for 24 hours. The winning student will also receive a $10,000 university scholarship, a Google Chromebook, and a $10,000 technology award for their current school along […]

What I see for Canada’s future is…$10,000 Scholarship

Welcome to Doodle 4 Google Canada! Doodle 4 Google Canada is a national contest inviting students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to redesign the logo for the homepage for a day.* As Canada blows out a whole lot of candles for its 150th birthday this year, what better way […]

Canada takes its $3 billion video game industry seriously as it pushes sector to new levels – National Post

}source: SAN FRANCISCO — In the hustle and bustle of downtown San Francisco, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) takes place each March at the Moscone Center and surrounding city blocks. Sessions by industry members teach new tricks to those who make video games, business meetings take place behind closed doors […]

The Big Picture with Disney Animator Trent Correy

The Big Picture source: ​Fifty WSD students spent two days brainstorming with a Disney animator as part of MAniJam: the Manitoba Animation Jam. Sisler High School hosted the special event, which was held March 6and 7. Trent Correy, who has worked on major animated films such as Frozen, Big Hero […]

SislerIDM Animation Challenge #1

Challenge 1 Can you name the Disney/Pixar movie from the songs listed below? Challenge 2 Can you name the animated movies pictured? Challenge 3 Can you name the Disney characters from A-Z by their picture?

Mandatory @VFS Scholarship Meeting on Mar 13 #GetCREATIVE #INDUSTRYready

Mandatory VFS Scholarship meeting for SislerIDM students Scholarship application process for VFS scholarships starts Monday March 13 @ 11:55 in Room 57! In June of 2017, Vancouver Film School will be granting up to $63,000 in scholarships to Sisler IDM graduates to study Programming, Game Design, Sound Design. Film Production, VFX, Animation, Concept Art and […]

Movie Geometry – Shaping the Way You Think

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Shapes have meaning. That may sound crazy, but hear me out. Let’s explore how cinematographers and directors create shapes inside the frame to add visual storytelling to their films. Movies (in Order of Appearance): Ghostbusters (1984) Up (2009) Spirited Away (2001) Wreck It Ralph (2012) […]

Today we explored @theNFB #Oceanschool through VR

Out of this World at SislerIDM Thank you Freeze Frame Education, NFB, OnScreen Manitoba and Jac Gautreau for an amazing Virtual experience of the ocean. Today’s Virtual Reality workshop was offered by Freeze Frame Education, On Screen Manitoba, the National Film Board and Jac Gautreau.  SislerIDM students learned how to make iBooks, […]

Thank you Trent Correy, Disney, Manitoba Film & Music and Tangent Animation

What an amazing 2 days of Animation awesomeness! Thank you students, Disney, Manitoba Film & Music, Tangent Animation Studios and most of all Trent Correy. You keep on inspiring the future generation of animators. The MAniJam (Manitoba Animation Jam Out Session) is a creative experience brought to you by Sisler IDM, Disney Animator Trent Correy, […]

24 hours until our Animation Jam – update to schedule

See you on Monday in room 57 March 6-7, 2017 with special guest: Disney animator Trent Correy MAniJam (Manitoba Animation Jam Out Session) is a creative challenge brought to you by Sisler IDM & Trent Correy. Student film-makers, animators & artists will be challenged to create animations in just 3 hours (sort of! remember School […]

Story Development for Games, Animation & Film w/ Brendan Cwik

Story Development Why do you want to write this story? The World of the Story The world creates the mood that defines the protagonist, the stakes, and the antagonist (which could be the world itself). Storytelling Style Every writer has their own style. This style can help determine what genre […]

Final Checklist for Animation Jam (March 6 & 7)

We are so excited to have 56 Sisler IDM & Winnipeg School Division students learning from Disney animator Trent Correy March 6-7, 2017 checklist MAniJam (Manitoba Animation Jam Out Session) is a creative challenge brought to you by Sisler IDM & Trent Correy. Student film-makers, animators & artists will be challenged to create animations in […]