U of W Articulation

What is an Articulation Agreement?

Articulation is the cooperative processes between two or more educational institutions to accommodate the academic goals of students. Articulation agreements allow students to build an additive degree program by taking courses either at different institutions or at the different campuses of one institution.

Sister High School students get an early start in post-secondary by articulating IDM & Art credits to VFS and the University of Winnipeg credits for college credits and scholarships. Students save money on rising costs of tuition, fees and books while accelerating their progress in their college major instead of being slowed down by duplication of courses.

source:  http://www.davenport.edu/office-articulation/high-school-articulation-agreements

Benefits to student

  • Save money on tuition, fees and books
  • Earn college/university credits
  • Accelerate progress
  • Create the opportunity for expanded program content
  • Improve job readiness skills
  • Improve job placement potential
  • Meet and develop relationships with college instructors
  • Motivation to continue schooling

Articulation between Sisler IDM and the University of Winnipeg’s PACE program