Q & A with Tripwire Media’s Doug Darling

Today we were privileged to have Tripwire Media’s owner, Doug Darling, present to our students.

Doug and Sisler IDM students
Doug and Sisler IDM students

Here is what his presentation covered:

  • Part 1 – Intro
    1. Introduce Myself
    2. Introduce Tripwire
    3. Play Demo Reel
    4. Background/who I was/what inspired me
    5. How I started Tripwire (ie. David Approached)
    6. The state of the industry in 2009 (Dslrs, internet)
    7. The growth of Tripwire (from Ad agency to Video Company)
    8. Where we are now


    Part 2 – Types of Video:

    1. Intro (more than film and TV)
    2. Quick Stats about video
    3. Corporate/Scripted Video (30 sec example – Tourism Winnipeg)
    4. Animated Explainer (Great West Life)
    5. 3D – (30 sec example – Pulse)
    6. Documentary (30 sec example – CRF)
    7. Combination – (30 sec example – APC)
    8. List of other types of video
    9. What I love about it (walking in other peoples shoes, make the mundane interesting)


    Part 3 – Story telling tips

    1. What’s in a story?
    2. Show Marymound Video
    3. Discuss different directions this could have gone in.
    4. Who is your client, what are their goals?
    5. Who are they talking to?
    6. Where are they showing it – Social vs Presentation?


    Part 4 – Running a start-up

    1. Make sure it is what you want to do.
    2. Partners? Make sure they know who they’re working with and goals
    3. Partners? Helps to be complimentary, not identical.
    4. Know your strengths and admit your weaknesses
    5. Employees? Passion vs. Skill
    6. Don’t be a hero. Find mentors, and support


    Part 5 – Q and A

Check out our Q & A with Doug:  http://www.soapboxed.org/2015/12/17/trip-wire-media-group-doug-darling/


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