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The Concept of Story
VFS Ed Talk @ Sisler High School
Date: Oct 26, 2:10 pm CST (3:10 pm EST)

Location: Sisler High School Library
Instructors: Vancouver Film School instructor Paul Jensen
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Twitter: @SislerIDM, @DigitalVoices1, @Soapbox.ED, & #vfstalk

Talk Theme: The concept of story is as old as human experience, language, and the desire to make sense of our existence. Throughout this lecture we will explore the origins of story, its archetypal structure in myth, and we’ll focus on how these journey patterns are fundamental in various art mediums; including Film, TV, Video Games & Digital Design.

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About Paul Jensen, Film Scholar/Instructor, VFS A six-time “Instructor of the Year” and “Best Course” winner at Vancouver Film School, Paul’s commitment and passion for cinema and the visual arts has labeled him a ‘walking encyclopedia’ of classic, modern, Hollywood, and foreign films.

Paul has worked on independent film projects, as well as in the local film industry. He has credits as Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, and Actor for companies like Rogers TV, Knowledge Network, Caprice Entertainment, MMM Film Finance International, and Hybrid Films. His work as a Story Editor has helped him pursue his own writing and directing career. His horror script Ravenswood is currently under option with Hybrid Films. He also gained experience as 2nd Assistant Director and Assistant Editor on the feature-length film Sweet Amerika.

Having branched out into the Games Industry, Paul has worked with Vancouver-based video game company BigPark, Microsoft in the conceptualization and development of stories for Xbox Live games. A Founder and Master of Ceremonies of The Vancouver Club’s Film Club, Paul hosts lecture-based film events on a monthly basis. He also writes for the popular website Taste of Cinema.

Session will also cover…

• VFS-Sisler High School Partnership Scholarships
• examples of the work that students do at VFS
• quality and integrity of VFS programs
• preparation for study @ VFS
• helping students to STRIVE for THEIR DREAM career
• provide a window into:
• Vancouver’s Entertainment Media Industry
• Alumni Success
• Study, working, and living in Vancouver

There will be a Q & A period