Post-SecondarySisler IDMVFSWorkshops

Sound Design 101

Shane Rees teaches our students about Sound Design for Games, App, Animation & Film

Presentation covers: 

  • What is a soundtrack?
  • Dialog
  • Production Dialog
  • ADR
  • Walla
  • Music
  • Score
  • Source
  • Sound Effects
  • Hard Effects
  • Special Sound Effects
  • Backgrounds
  • Foley
  • Editing
  • Re-recording



About Shane:

  • I used to work on soundtracks for films & TV
  • I did not compose music, I am not a musician
  • It’s a marriage of the creative & technical
  • Not a typical job, not typical hours
  • Get to do some interesting things and go to interesting places
  • I’ve never worn a suit to work, I used to bring my dog to work and a lot places let you sleep in