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2015 Student Media Projects (Digital Voices Class)

Here are some examples of the fantastic work done by our grade 11 & 12 students from semester 1.

These media projects were created by students from the Digital Voices Digital Media Project Management course (
The Mirage:

A genius lives a lonely existence, known to no one except his imaginary friend. He is not interested in anything as he already knows the answer to any problem he’s about to encounter. To him, the world is nothing but a giant ball of rock. One day, he stumbles upon an internet puzzle and for the first time in his life he has no idea what to do. Will he solve the puzzle? Is there even a puzzle in the first place or it’s all just a mirage?

This is the project that me and my team worked on for the Digitalvoices course this semester. The goal, film wise, is to captivate our audience and mess with their minds through the film.

Made for Sisler High School
Directed, Edited and Written by Ritvick Mehra

Children of the Forest:
Unity 2D game
Teaser and Trailer

The First Fart

Synopsis: Kevin, a teenager seeking love, struggles to maintain a relationship as he farts every time he’s on a date! This becomes a huge problem when he meets the girl of his dreams and is asked to “hang out”. Will he be able to control his farts and be with the girl? Or will he “let one loose” and “lose” the girl of his dreams forever? Watch to find out!

Most of the music is sighted at the end of the credits and can be found on the mentioned sites.

Silhouette – A 2016 Animation by Entwined Studios from Entwined on Vimeo.

Sometimes, the allure of revenge is strong enough to overpower even those that have mastered the arcane arts. This is the story of a wizard named Bard, whose town has turned against him and his friend, the only two survivors after an onslaught that has happened 40 years prior. Will Bard stay true to himself, or will he be another victim of revenge?
This animation was done by Entwined Studios, a four man high school group from Sisler High School’s Digital Voices class with little to no animation experience whatsoever. This animation was done for the Digital Voices course for the 2015-16 year.

The Mascot