Summative Checklist for Animation Students

Attention Animation Students!

Here is a checklist for your last month of school

Check out Summative Project Expectations & Requirements Behance Project

For this summative activity students must create an animated short  (20 to 60 seconds long) using any of the techniques developed in this course.  Animations must be created following the identified requirements presented below.  Students will create a 100% original animation.   The Summative Activity is worth 30% of final grade of Animation course.  Please read through all requirements on Behance.
•   Part 1:  Portfolio – 10 marks
•   Part 2:  Animation Pitch, Storyboard & Concept Art – 10 marks
•   Part 3:  Asset, Audio and Character Development – 10 marks
•   Part 4:  Application of Principles of Animation – 30 marks
•   Part 5:  Final Animation, general flow, sound and aesthetics – 40 marks

Milestone Dates:

Students should complete milestones before final due dates.

  • January 9th – Pitch & Storyboard
  • January 11th  – Concept Art
  • January 19th – All Assets must be completed
  • January 25th – Final Animation is due Trailers
  • January 26th – Update & Finalize Behance Portfolio
  • January 27th – Course/Summative Completion  Reflection Form