#GameOn 2018 – 2 days of #Unity #GameDev

Get in the Game! This year’s game on game conference will feature a two day workshop using the Unity game engine.  The topics will include particles, coding, and game animation.  2 industry coders will be here to lead the students in the coding workshops and will be here to assist as they participants create their game. […]

@SislerIDM & @VFS presents a 2 day intensive #3D Animation #VFX #workshop w/ Henrique Reginato

Proud to announce that Emmy nominated Henrique Reginato will be delivering an amazing 2 days of workshops @Sisler High School Workshop Information: When:  Thursday February 1 & Friday, February 2 Where:  Sisler’s Redwood Studio 57 Agenda: 10:40 – 11:40 – Something cool and hands on 11:45- 12:45 – Lunch 12:50 […]

2018 Adobe Creativity Scholarships are available 

Adobe Creativity Scholarships The Adobe Creativity Scholarships program recognizes the next generation of creatives and propels the future careers of those who create. The scholarships provide college and post-secondary education tuition to young people who are pursuing study in a creative field, and using creativity as a force for positive […]

Animation Job Descriptions thanks @ToonBoom

Have you ever wondered what jobs need to be filled in the Animation Industry? ToonBoom thoroughly breaks this down in their Animation Workflow Educational Curriculum – Harmony Premium About: This academic journey will take you through the basic storyboarding and animation concepts using Harmony Premium and Storyboard Pro. It will […]

Learn @ToonBoom #StoryBoardPro @DVoicesIDM in semester 2

Digital Voices (IDM Project Management & Futures in IDM) is where your story begins Storyboard Pro combines drawing and animation tools with camera controls. Develop the story with total artistic control. Course Codes: DM100V4S & DM101V4S Master Time Spend time on story, not process Work in one environment Eliminate the […]

Learn @ToonBoom #Harmony @SislerAnimation in February 2018

Your Animation, Any Style! Learn how to animate @SislerAnimation with the most powerful software ever created for animation production ToonBoom’s Harmony is a Production Powerhouse Register for Grade 11 Animation – anhr35s/mohrs5s Used by top studios all over the world, Harmony lets you work fast and animate in any style. […]

Designing & Pitching Stories. A 3 Day workshop with @JamFilledStudio Tom Pajdlhauser Nov 13-15

The 3 day workshop will focus on creating appealing and effective storytelling pitches.  The focus will be on: how to visually plan a story what to highlight and feature when preparing a pitch understanding your market / demographic understanding your story and how to make others understand it with as […]

3 @SislerAnimation win @Adobeedu @project1324 #itsAlive challenge

Congrats Mary Frando, Ethan Ani & Kelly Abalus Sisler students win international design challenge open for all creative artists About Project 1324 It’s Alive: It’s Alive! Find characters in everyday objects https://project1324.com/challenge/itsalive Characters exist all around us! Project 1324 challenges creatives to find characters in everyday objects. Start by capturing […]

INKtober has finally begun for @SislerAnimation students…ink on

Rules: 1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want). Post it online Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2017, Handles (tag) @INKtober @sisleranimation Repeat Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the […]

Are you thinking of applying to VFS? Meeting Oct 2 11:30 am Rm 57

Attend our VFS Info, Scholarship & Application Meeting on October 2 @ 11:50 am in room 57 Meeting will cover:  What to really expect! VFS Scholarships for SislerIDM students: Sisler High School and Vancouver Film School (VFS) has established the following educational media pathway scholarships applicable to the students entering […]

Adobe @project1324 challenges @sisleranimation students

Characters exist all around us! Adobe Project 1324 challenges creatives to find characters in everyday objects. Start by capturing a place or moment from your everyday world. Create a character from an inanimate object in this scene. If the object had a voice, what would it sound like? Title your […]

Animation Industry Power Q&A with School Creative – Oct 23 10:45

Animation Industry Power Q&A with SchoolCreative Instructor Jesse Daniel & Screenwriter Paul Donnett Join us for a video conference with Jesse and Paul on oct 23 @ 10:45 am in room 57.  Learn more about the real Animation industry in Vancouver. Learn more about School Creative  Did you know! So […]

Mr. Leduc’s 2017 Grade 11 Intro to Concept Art Course Outline

Are you passionate about the look and appeal of characters, environments, creatures and animation? Sisler IDM,s  Concept Art course provides the opportunity for students to explore a blend of digital image creation techniques and traditional theory to create original characters, scenes, settings, props, environments and concepts for animations and games. […]

Creativity: The Essential Future Job Skill

Creativity will clearly play a critical role in future careers—especially in jobs that don’t yet exist. CRITICAL THINKING, CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING, COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATIVE TEAM WORK, DIGITAL LITERACY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP all depend on it. ese skills are at the heart of what Adobe brings to education. source: http://ex-staticpages.s3.amazonaws.com/static_page_assets/marketing-resources/assets/PDF/Creativity-The-Essential-Future-Job-Skill.pdf Last year, we asked […]

Order you SislerIDM SignatureSoft T-shirts today

Limited time order opportunity. 2017-18 Sisler IDM T-shirts will be available to order on September 6, 2017.  Please see Mr. Leduc for order forms.  T-shirts order forms and payment must be submitted by Friday, September 15.     T-Shirt Info: Black T-Shirts cost $20.00 White T-shirts cost $13.00 155 grams, […]

Are you taking a Sisler Media Art class this Fall?

Here are the courses running in September of 2017 Includes period, teacher and room numbers We hope this helps you plan your daily school routine.   Mr. Galvao Mr.Haussler Mr. Leduc Mr. Dyck-Lyons Mr.Alibudbud Mr.Erickson Mr.  Slavicek Slot_A Graphics Grade 12 GRAR4S.01 Room 17 Graphics Grade 12 GRAR4S.02 Room 17 […]

The Big Picture

4 Sisler IDM students registered their own company (Digital Dropkick Media), opened a bank account, got insurance, travelled Canada and received $20,000 in funding…and best of all, they told their story about trying to crack the creative industry. We hope you enjoy Ritvick, Kevin, Kara and Janelle’s story on Shaw […]

The Big Picture Airs June 26 @ 11:00 am

Set your DVRs for our first TV pilot show on June 26. The four Sisler IDM students registered their own company (Digital Dropkick Media), opened a bank account, got insurance, travelled Canada and received $20,000 in funding…and best of all, they told their story about trying to crack the creative […]

Dreams take flight on Shaw TV in June 2017

Watch Shaw TV in late June to see how four Winnipeg students face unique obstacles as they aspire to crack into the creative industry!   We are so excited to announce that the first ever pilot TV show will be broadcasted in late June on Shaw TV.  The Big Picture, […]