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VFS 5 Day Intensive Animation Workshop @ Sisler- December 7th – 10th

Animation from 2D to 3D Workshop

Date:  Dec. 7 – 11 (9:00 am – 12:00)
Location:  IDM Studio 57 @ Sisler High School
Instructors:  Vancouver Film School Animation instructors Francois Van Eeden & Brett Vanderkist
Objectives and what to expect:    This workshop will …

  • include brief lectures to cover overall concepts and goals for the workshop
  • be a combination of talks, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops
  • demonstrate examples of the work that students do at VFS
  • introduce students to using 2D animation to plan CG animation in Maya
  • use 2D tools like Flash to plan out animation and test ideas before executing them in Maya.
  • share extensive knowledge and expertise to help students thrive for future career.

Session Brief:  Over the time period provided I will discuss and guide students through the creation of an asset (an object from a reference image), starting from a basic shape and eventually working our way up to the finished, more detailed asset.


Brett Vanderkist

Brett has worked as an animator since 2003. Originally trained in traditional animation, Brett transitioned to Flash animation with his first commercial project at Atomic Cartoons (Atomic Betty TV series). After Atomic Cartoons, Brett worked at Bardel Entertainment for a few years (Edgar and Ellen, Wow Wow Wubbzy). While at Bardel, he transitioned to CG animation on the Maya animated TV series Zeke’s Pad and returned a few years later for Planet Sheen. He has worked for Nitrogen Studios (Thomas and Friends), DHX Media (George of the Jungle, Kid Vs Kat), Plan B Production House (Raven Tales), and Kavaleer Productions (Garth and Bev). He has also worked on Game Cinematics (Klei Entertainment, Piranha Games) and has been teaching animation since 2007.  Brett Vanderkist teaches Classical Animation I and II, Animation I, II and III at VFS

Francois van Eeden

Born in South Africa, Francois moved to Vancouver B.C. at the age of 10, where he attended high school in a suburb just outside of Vancouver. After high school Francois focused on Animation as a career and in 2004 and began working at Rainmaker Entertainment (formerly Mainframe Entertainment). He spent 8 years working for Rainmaker and during that time he worked on many different productions. This time would help refine his skills as a modeler and texture artist. During his years at Rainmaker he also worked part time as a modeling mentor for Vancouver Film School. Francois resigned from Rainmaker in the winter of 2012 to focus on full time teaching at VFS. Francois has been the modeling and surfacing instructor at VFS for the past 3 years and loves conveying his knowledge and passion for film and animation to VFS students.

VFS Animation Staff:

VFS instructors are award-winning industry professionals. They are dedicated to sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise to help you thrive in your future career.


  • VFS instructors are award-winning industry professionals.
  • Head of Animation and Visual Effects Vanessa Jacobsen
  • Classical Animation Senior Instructor Dieter Mueller
  • Digital Ink and Paint Instructor Jim Inkster first photo
  • Story Concept, Film and Film Final Concept Instructor Marv Newland
  • Life Drawing and Colour Theory Instructor Adam Rogers first photo
  • Animation and Visual Effects Creative Director Colin Giles first photo

About VFS Animation:

If you are inspired by the limitless creative potential of animation. You understand that the technology of animation is constantly evolving, but the principles of crafting unforgettable characters and engaging journeys remain stronger than ever. You have a storyteller’s eye and the passion to thrive in today’s entertainment industry. You are an animator.