VFS Excellence in Media Entrance Scholarships


Media Excellence Entrance Scholarships

Vancouver Film School has set up two Media Excellence Entrance Scholarships to two students who meet the following criteria:

  • Student must be accepted (or has applied) into a VFS program before receiving scholarship,
  • Student must apply for scholarship,
  • Sisler staff to select the successful candidates,
  • Student successfully completed a minimum of 8 courses from a Sisler Media Arts Pathway Courses (listed below),
  • Student who has the highest average grade from the media courses from 9-12,

VFS Excellence in Media Entrance Scholarship: Vancouver Film School will offer two entrance scholarships to a Sisler students. The scholarship will be for the amount of $3000 applied directly to the VFS tuition for the successful student within the academic year period.

Applicable Sisler Media Arts Pathway Courses

Grade 9

DM093V15S – Exploration of Interactive Digital Media
GRAH15S – Graphic Design

Grade 10

DPHR25S/DFHR25S – Introduction to Digital Film (ICT – please select half credits: Digital Pictures & Digital Film)
GRAR2G – Graphic Design
DM094V2S – Intro to Interactive Digital Media (2D Arcade Based Game Development)

Grade 11

ANHR35S/MOHR35S – “TraDigital” Animation  (ICT – please select half credits: Animation & 3D Modelling)
PCHR25S/DPHR35S – Production Design & Concept Art  (ICT – please select half credits: Print Communications & Desktop Publishing)
BMHR35S/IMHR35S – Advanced Movie Making  (ICT – please select half credits: Broadcast Media & Interactive Media)
DM095V3S – Interactive Digital Media Design (3D Game Design)
DM096V3S – Introduction to IDM Asset Creation (Sound Design, 2D Art & Motion Graphics)
DM097V3S – Introduction to Interactive Digital Media Coding
COSR3S – Computer Science
GRAR3G – Graphic Design

Grade 12

GRAR4S – Graphic Design
DM098V4S – Advanced Interactive Digital Media Asset Creation (3D Modelling & 3D Animation)
DM099V4S – Advanced Interactive Digital Media Coding
DM100V4S – Interactive Digital Media Project Management
DM101V4S – Futures in Interactive Digital Media