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Out of this world with Electric Monk Media

Electric Monk Media delivers ‘Virtually’ the coolest Workshop this year.

Today Sisler IDM students explored the fascinating world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

About Electric Monk Media:

Headquartered in The Exchange District of Winnipeg, Electric Monk Media brings value to collaborative projects that experiment with story and storytelling. We are prairie folk, known for our work ethic and frugality.

Manitoba is becoming a new media hub because of aggressive tax credits and hiring incentives at the government level, plus industry support and specialized training from New Media Manitoba. Electric Monk Media is positioned to deliver innovation solutions on-time and on-budget with a creative flare and quality aesthetic.

Electric Monk Media is proud to call Winnipeg home, but like most Winnipeggers, we travel near and far for our work. See how our perspective can help grow your business beyond what you believed possible.

The Next Generation Interactive

Electric Monk Media creates virtual reality experiences that are educational and entertaining. The software we develop for VR headsets can incorporate motion capture and has exciting applications in training, health care, and heavy industry. Through our R&D work with the University of Manitoba, we are testing the human limits of the VR experience, while navigating the ethical complexities involved in these types of projects. Our goal is to use virtual reality to change the way we live in the real world.

Against this backdrop, Electric Monk Media delivers practical solutions in new media that are cost-effective and user-friendly. We build websites for businesses with an eye for design, manage social media campaigns, and create VR installations. We craft apps, games, and interactive experiences that will build your brand, augment your showroom, and add life to promotional events. Electric Monk Media will audit your business and collaborate with your team on a new media strategy like nothing you’ve ever seen before.